thisisaprettyimportantpage asked:

How long have you and your boyfriend been dating? What's the meaning behind your url? What song/band are you in love with right now?

•We’ve been doing this together thing for like 3ish months now.

•YearoftheLamb was a promise to make this a year of cash he and love and learning. And so far that’s what it’s been!

•Childish Gambino//3005

Anonymous asked:

Why do you like Breathe In, the movie in your list? (You said to ask things we wanted to know about you, sometimes movies are insightful about a person, so it made me curious.)

Breathe In was directed by one of my favorite directors Drake Doremus, he also created the bittersweet masterpiece that is Like Crazy (recently taken off Netflix.)
So when I heard he was creating another project with his muse Felicity Jones I was already sold months before I had even saw the trailer.
His art is just so intimate, I almost feel like I’m not supposed to be watching it, as though I’m eavesdropping into someone’s real life, learning secrets only meant for their keeper.
Not to mention the fact that when both of these movies released they oddly mirrored my own life in small ways so I immediately nestled into them like home.

But yeah, Breathe In was such a perfect movie to follow Like Crazy, the score was haunting, Felicity was remarkable, and once again Drake somehow managed to direct perfectly improvised scenes that you would never know aren’t scripted.

lanipanini asked:

What is your favorite memory? Who was the last person to drastically change your life for the better? Is there anything that is almost guranteed to make you feel lovely/happy/etc.?

Memory: this changes a lot but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about putting my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time and all things California.
Life changing person: My dude, Henry Clark Upton.
A little pick me up that always works: Diet Coke and going to the movies by myself.

I just found my copy of Abundance of Katherines that John signed/footnoted for me back when I was 15 and out of nowhere just started sobbing.

Life has been really overwhelming lately but finding this boom again makes me think back to that perfect day with my best friend tracecode when we gave John a puppy sized elephant piggy bank and fell into a creek by my old house.

Even now, years later, my heart feels so at home reading these words. John’s stories made me feel less alone in high school, they helped me become the women I am today and I could not be more appreciative.

So yeah.

Thank you, fishingboatproceeds. Thank you, for every little thing you’ve done for me without realizing it.